Scientific Council

IMI - Conseil scientifique

Missions and composition of the Scientific Council.

The Scientific Council of the Institute assists the Director and the Bureau in the scientific animation and in particular in the drafting of calls for projects launched by the Institute. Its mission is to participate in the writing of calls for projects, to evaluate the projects submitted and to establish a ranking of projects. The members of the Institute's Scientific Council are appointed by the Institute Council (they are chosen from among the members of the units and components making up the Institute) and their term of office lasts two years. The Scientific Council is chaired by the Director of the Institute. The members of the Bureau are members by right. It meets as many times as necessary and at least each time a call for proposals has to be arbitrated.

The current composition:

  • IRPHE: Marie-Julie Dalbe (substitute: Gautier Verhille), Malek Abid (substitute: Fabien Anselmet)
  • IUSTI: Fabrice Rigollet (substitute: Nicolas Favrie), Irina Martin (substitute: Bloen Metzger)
  • LMA: Frédéric Lebon (alternate: Cédric Bellis), Régis Cottereau (alternate: Philippe Lasaygues)
  • M2P2: Julien Favier (alternate: Pierre Boivin), Philippe Moulin (alternate: Eric Serre).
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