Scientific and professional training

Since 2014-2015, the training courses offered by the AMU Doctoral College are part of the Individual Training Contract that each doctoral student must validate at the end of his or her 3-year thesis, and which requires 100 hours of training during this period, distributed as follows:

* 50 hours of scientific, disciplinary and/or transverse training;
* 50 hours of professional training, support for career development.

The training courses set up by the Doctoral College have as their specificity, and challenge, their transversality; they seek to arouse the interest and meet the expectations of all doctoral students, whatever their disciplinary field.

Scientific training

The scientific training courses aim to provide the doctoral student with useful knowledge in the context of his research activity: training in bibliographic tools, software, statistics.

Vocational training

The professional training courses allow the doctoral student to acquire and/or strengthen his/her skills and to prepare the professional transition after the thesis.


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