Bandeau +Resilient


Project name : +RESILIENT
Program: Interreg Med
Theme: Social innovation and Open Data
Keywords: Social and Solidarity Economy, Living Lab, Food deserts
Duration: 36 months
Budget: € 2 700 000
Coordinator: Veneto Region, Italy
Project leader: Francesca Petrella, Faculty of Economics and Management
Partners: Aix-Marseille University, France


+RESILIENT sets up a partnership between 8 countries of the Med area to address the need for innovation to increase the competitiveness of SMEs and stimulate job creation, especially for social economy enterprises. It is an integrated project that aims to improve the policies and practices of emerging dynamics in social innovation. To achieve this, the project relies on a global process based on the cross-use of open data and the creation of a transnational socially responsible value chain.


  • Toincrease the capacity of 4-helix actors in the SRVCs (socially oriented, highly responsive clusters) to improve their strategies and provide better services to support and increase growth and employment.
  • Support SRVCs in the process of consolidating socially responsible economic activities through capacity building, knowledge transfer and co-creation of innovative solutions.
  • Tofoster the creation of a transnational network of RCVS for the benefit of common solutions able to promote flexibility, transfer, mobility and policy improvement in the MED space.

Innovative aspect: Integration of the project's achievements and recommendations into the new cohesion policy (EU2020+).

A significant achievement of the project: An open platform to find horizontal opportunities for mobility, self-employability and networking of SVRC in the MED region.

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Social and Solidarity Economy
Living Lab
Food deserts