ISFIN - Research Units & Joint Laboratories

9 Research Units of Aix-Marseille University are attached to the perimeter of ISFIN. The institute gathers researchers and teacher-researchers belonging to the following laboratories:

  • Laboratory of Physics of Ionic and Molecular Interactions (PIIM, UMR 7345)
  • Provence's Institut for Materials Microelectronics Nanoscience (IM2NP, UMR 7334)
  • Mechanics and Acoustics Laboratory (LMA, UMR 7031)
  • Mechanics, Modelling and Clean Processes Laboratory (M2P2, UMR 7340)
  • University Institute of Industrial Thermal Systems (IUSTI, UMR 7343)
  • Center for theorical Physics (CPT, UMR 7332)
  • Marseille's Institut of Mathematics  (I2M, UMR 7373)
  • Mediterranean Sociology Laboratory (LAMES, UMR 7305)
  • International, Comparative and European Law Laboratory (DICE, UMR 7318)

2 joint laboratories with the CEA and an associated international laboratory

  • LIMMEX: Laboratory for Instrumentation and Measurements in Extreme Environments, attached to the IM2NP (AMU-CNRS-CEA) which was created in May 2010.
  • MISTRAL: Laboratory Modeling, Inspection and characterization of materials and STRuctures for -Advanced Low carbon energies based on the LMA (MISTRAL, AMU-CNRS-ECM-CEA) which was created in January 2019.
  • Associated International Laboratory (LIA 336 CNRS) attached to the PIIM laboratory, in collaboration with 3 Japanese groups, respectively from : National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS), Kyushu University and Osaka University.