Remarkable equipment of the units of the AMUtech Institute

Following the creation of the AMUtech institute on January 1, 2021, the management wanted to draw up an inventory of the remarkable equipment located in the institute's laboratories.

This document is structured in three parts that correspond to the three types of equipment identified:

▪ Aix-Marseille labelled technology platforms

▪ the laboratory technology platforms

▪ notable instruments of research teams.

This inventory, carried out by our platforms project manager Lionel Santinacci, aims at the inventory of remarkable equipment available to the AMUtech community. It allows the members of the Institute to know the extent of the scientific expertise and the experimental resources available. It encourages the strengthening of exchanges between researchers and teacher-researchers present in the Aix-Marseille area.

The entire inventory, updated regularly, is available in PDF format on this page.
This document is intended for the members of the institute, but also for the external academic and industrial worlds.

Remarkable Equipment