About us


The SSE (Service universitaire de Santé Etudiante) is open to all Aix Marseille University students. All Aix Marseille University students are invited to attend a preventive medical examination at least once during their first three years of study. A follow-up certificate will be issued to the student.


Its mission is to :

  • provide health care for students and develop preventive and health education initiatives. (smoking cessation, addictions, STIs, etc.)
  • monitor the health of international students,
  • issue certificates of accommodation for studies and/or exams for students with disabilities.
  • provide health care through consultations, with or without appointment, exclusively at the Campus Marseille Centre Site Saint-Charles branch.

Students can benefit from free consultations with a psychologist.

All this is made possible by a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, psychologists and secretaries. 

Contact information

Laurent Bensoussan
Professor - Director

Administrative Manager
Tel : 04 13 55 08 93
Email : valerie.denoual@univ-amu.fr

Laetitia FAURE
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 04 13 94 97 13
Courriel : laetitia.faure@univ-amu.fr


SSE Saint-Charles - Health Center 
3 place Victor Hugo - Case 34 - Bât 5 - Bloc C - 6th floor - 13003 Marseille
Tel: 04 13 55 00 07
Email : sse-stcharles@univ-amu.fr

Off-site sites attached to the branch: Aubagne, Canebière, Colbert, Ilot du bois, Nord, Timone and Virgile Marron
IFSI attached to the branch: Aubagne, Blancarde, Capelette, Marseille Nord and Martigues

Dental screening: Every Wednesday morning

SSE Luminy
163, avenue de Luminy Case 905 - Rez-de-Chaussée - Restaurant Universitaire 13288 Marseille cedex 9
Tel: 04 13 94 24 58
Email : sse-luminy@univ-amu.fr

Outsourced sites attached to the branch: Gap and La Ciotat
IFSIs attached to the branch: Briançon, Gap and Marseille Sud

Dental screening: Every Friday morning

SSE Saint Jérôme
52, avenue Escadrille Normandie Niemen 13013 Marseille
Tel: 04 13 94 51 94
Email : sse-stjerome@univ-amu.fr

Branch sites: Château-Gombert and Salon-de-Provence
IFSI attached to the branch: Centre Gérontologie Départemental, Croix Rouge, Les Flamants, Saint-Jacques and Salon de Provence

Dental screening: Every Wednesday morning

SSE Aix-en-Provence - Health Center 
29 avenue Robert Schuman - Bât Le Cube - 13621 Aix-en-Provence cedex 1
Tel : 04 13 94 22 80
Email : sse-aix@univ-amu.fr

Outsourced sites attached to the branch: Arles, Avignon, Digne and Puyricard
IFSI attached to the branch: Aix en Provence, Arles, Avignon and Digne

Dental screening: Every Friday morning