Presentation of the Institute ORIGINS


From the formation of planets to the emergence of life

Inaugurated in December 2021, the Origins Institute is a center of convergence of skills, research and training. The Institut Origines (IO) brings together astrophysicists, chemists, physicists, biologists, geologists, geophysicists, philosophers and epistemologists. Its objectives are to form an interdisciplinary community around the major scientific questions related to the origin of life, its presence and the possibilities of detection in our Galaxy; to bring together expertise in different but complementary fields, which will allow progress to be made on aspects related to the origin of our solar system, the evolution of matter within it, and how this evolution could have played a role in the emergence of life on Earth.

Aix-Marseille University (AMU) follows CNIL guidelines

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The objectives of the Origins Institute :

  • To generate major interdisciplinary research projects
  • To develop training through research
  • Increase the visibility of the Aix-Marseille region on the international scene
  • Intensify relations with the socio-economic world

The Origins Institute brings together the skills of more than 170 people working in 15 research units, attached to three components of Aix-Marseille University as well as other supervisory bodies (CNRS, etc.) and is associated with six doctoral schools.

"Study of the factors and processes, particularly geochemical and biochemical, that may lead to the appearance of life, in a general way, and to its evolution.

"The scientific study of planets (including the Earth), moons, and planetary systems (including the solar system), and the processes that form them."

"Measures the ability of an astronomical body to develop and support life."

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