ISFIN - Partners

The institute collaborates at the national and international levels in research and training with various partners

The institute has a certain number of partners through research programmes in the framework of EUROFUSION, PAI, A*Midex, joint laboratories, through co-organised scientific events, through co-accredited degrees, through internships and joint thesis subjects.


The CEA is one of the Institute's key historical partners in various scientific and educational activities. Two permanent guests sit on the Institute's board. Common activities are conducted through collaborative actions and programs between ISFIN and :

  • IRFM: Institute for Research on Fusion by Magnetic Confinement of the Directorate of Fundamental Research
  • IRESNE : Institute for Research on Nuclear Systems for Low-Carbon Energy Production of the Directorate for Energy
  • The national Jules Horowitz reactor program

Agreements and programs within the framework of 2 joint laboratories:

  • LIMMEX: Laboratory for Instrumentation and Measurements in Extreme Environments, attached to IM2NP (AMU-CNRS-CEA), created in 2010
  • MISTRAL: Modeling, Inspection and characterization of materials and STRuctures for Advanced Low carbon energies laboratory attached to LMA (MISTRAL, AMU-CNRS-ECM-CEA) created in 2019

Co-organization of scientific events:

  • ANIMMA: the International Conference on Advances in Nuclear Instrumentation, Measurement Methods and their Applications
  • EFMMIN: the Franco-Moroccan School of Nuclear Measurement and Instrumentation

A strengthening of the training/research link:

  • Co-accredited and/or co-responsible degrees are offered within the Physics master's degree and the Instrumentation Measurement Metrology master's degree
  • An outgoing mobility program for apprentices in the Instrumentation Measurement Metrology Master's program (MOBIL-APP) as part of the A*Midex Academy of Excellence is proposed in collaboration with the CEA and international partners


The institute also conducts several collaborative actions with ITER organization. Examples include. :

  • the International ITER School (IIS)
  • co-directed theses
  • seminars for master students

Academic partners and institutes

  • Kyushu University
  • Osaka University
  • the Nuclear Reactor Laboratory of MIT
  • Mohammed V University
  • Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne EPFL
  • Jozef Stefan Institute
  • IRSN


  • EDF

Nuclear centres abroad

  • the Belgian nuclear centre SCK-CEN
  • the Polish nuclear centre NCBJ
  • the Moroccan nuclear center CNESTEN
ITER Organisation