Other activities during the thesis: teaching

Depending on the doctoral contract, the doctoral student's activity can be exclusively devoted to research or be divided into 5/6 research + 1/6 other activities. These other activities may include teaching, expertise (in companies or with local authorities), dissemination of scientific culture, and promotion of the results of scientific and technical research.

It is when the doctoral contract is drawn up that the decision is made as to how the doctoral student's activity - including a possible teaching mission - will be distributed, by agreement between the two parties (doctoral student and employer).

It should be noted, however, that riders can be signed later to modify the initial contract and add or remove non-research missions. These amendments to the initial contract will also be co-signed by the employer and the employee.

These missions (when authorized by your institution) can be carried out in a company, an administration, a local authority, a public institution, an association or a foundation, in parallel with the research work.

You will have to carry out one or more missions for a total annual duration of 32 days (i.e. 1/6 of the annual working time that can be devoted to a non-research activity).

The theme of the mission is in the field of the skills you have acquired throughout your career; it does not necessarily have a direct link with your thesis subject.

These missions are also an opportunity to build a network of professional contacts in order to pursue further partnerships, which are outside the scope of the mission.

Please note! You are in charge of the research for the mission, in partnership with your laboratory, your Doctoral School and possibly the Doctoral College.

Doctoral student with a doctoralcontract

The teaching mission entrusted to the doctoral student on a doctoral contract is 64h TD.

In addition to this practical initiation, the doctoral student-teacher must receive general training in teaching and communication methods, as well as information on the functioning of universities and French or foreign administrations.

All dates and information on the website: https://drh.univ-amu.fr/doctorants-contractuels


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