Optical illusions

Sandrine Ferri, Senior Lecturer, Laboratory of Physics of Ionic and Molecular Interactions (PIIM)

Classes are open from the fifth grade onwards

The term optical illusion refers to any illusion that misleads the human visual system (from the eye to the brain) and results in a distorted perception of reality. In this workshop, students will discover optical illusions that allow them to capture perspective. They will also test some 3D shooting techniques such as anaglyphs, stereograms...

Impossible figures: This is the phenomenon of visual perception by which the eye perceives in two dimensions a world in three dimensions. But do we all see the same things?

Anamorphosis: Anamorphosis is a reversible deformation of an image using an optical system or a mathematical process (perspective).

Stereoscopy: There are many processes for restoring relief (3D) on photos or films: by stereogram, anaglyph, stereochromatics, autosteregram.

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