Ocean Sciences Institute ( OCEAN )


The institute provides a new approach federating oceanography (including biology, chemistry and physical oceanography), climate science, digital and robotic sciences, marine engineering reinforced by ocean economy and policy, as well as maritime geography and history sciences to implement both research and training activities. The institute is designed to train a new generation of worldwide talented and selected scientists, engineers, lawyers, and managers to tackle challenging oceanic issues. The project will be undertaken through both (1) Master courses-based education that is available at AMU and Ecole Centrale Marseille, (2) high-level research-based training with increased immersion within our research laboratories together with industries of the Innovation Sea Cluster (Pôle Mer Méditerranée) network, IRD, IRSN, IFREMER and the technical department of INSU/CNRS with their top-level marine technology centers.


Cartographie de l'institut : l'image montre les principales structures engagées (composantes, écoles doctorales, unités de recherche, partenaires)

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Director: Richard SEMPÉRÉ
Email :richard.sempere@univ-amu.fr

MIO, Luminy-Oceanomed Campus,
Aix-Marseille University Route Léon Lachamps,
13009 Marseille | FRANCE


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Ocean Sciences Institute
Oceanography and climate, Digital sciences,
Marine pollution and radioecology, Marine biotechnology
Marine Engineering, Blue Economy
Law of the Sea, Marine Management and Vulnerability