National Infrastructures


The Marseille Imaging Institute is involved in national structures with participation in the national "Biology-Health" infrastructures.

National Infrastructures

France Life imaging (FLI, Biomedical imaging)

The France Life Imaging infrastructure, piloted by the CEA, is coordinated by Vincent LEBON (member of the Advisory Board of the institute) with the support of a coordination team and the Steering Committee made up of the Heads of Hubs. It coordinates a network of platforms specialized in imaging of living organisms.

Aix Marseille University coordinates hub n°6 under the responsibility of Monique BERNARD, DR CNRS at CRMBM.


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France Bio Imaging
(FBI, cellular imaging)

The France Bio Imaging infrastructure, piloted by the CNRS, is coordinated by a National Coordination, the six Node Coordinators or their deputies, and the FBI Central Facilities Representatives.

The Marseille node, coordinated by Pierre-François LENNE DR CNRS (IBDM) and his deputy Didier MARGUET DR CNRS (CIML), aims to foster new technologies and photonic innovation for cellular imaging.




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