MMSH - Mediterranean House of Human Sciences

1. Presentation

The Maison méditerranéenne des sciences de l'homme is a Department of Aix-Marseille Université, supported, in agreement with the CNRS, by a mixed service and research unit (USR 3125). Member of the Scientific Interest Group (GIS) "National Network of Houses of Human Sciences", this structure of service and animation of research is specialized, in human and social sciences, on the Mediterranean world. Founded in 1997 by Robert Ilbert, it brings together ten mixed research units and hosts the Doctoral School 355 "Spaces, Cultures, Societies".

It supports the activities of the research units, which it federates through common equipment and shared tools. Its documentary resources are collected in four specialized libraries. The MMSH supports the emergence of scientific programmes that renew objects, fields and approaches in the field of Mediterranean studies; it promotes comparisons and interdisciplinary dynamics. It develops centres of technical expertise ("Spaces, representations and uses", "Images, sound and digital practices in SHS", "EuroMed") and transversal research programmes. She leads and coordinates international research networks. Since 2011, she has been in charge of the scientific coordination of the Labex "Les sciences humaines et sociales au cœur de l'interdisciplinarité pour la Méditerranée" (Labexmed).

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