Mission Europe pour la Recherche

The Mission Europe pour la Recherche (MER) has been set up by Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS, Inserm and IRD, to support researchers and teacher-researchers on the Aix-Marseille site in all activities linked to European research and innovation projects, from detection/awareness-raising to the preparation of responses to calls for proposals, followed by negotiation and non-financial monitoring of projects.

The fruit of a long-standing collaboration between the four partner establishments, this "Guichet unique" is based on a shared operating mode. Both innovative and ambitious, this pioneering project was co-constructed over a period of more than a year, with the collective ambition of offering a better service to units and researchers, while improving the positioning of our establishments in European projects.

By benefiting fromeconomies of scale by sharing sharing skills and resources, while acquiring new skills, Mission Europe pour la Recherche aims to simplify and improve support for units to Europe in order to augment their participation in European calls for projects and improve success success rates.

The Mission Europe pour la Recherche, with a staff of around twenty, is structured into two main areas working in close collaboration:

  • The Detection Unit is responsible for promoting European programs, informing teams, identifying calls adapted to the needs of units, detecting new projects and identifying project leaders... The team's ambition is to encourage and support the move towards Europe.
  • The Engineering Department is involved in the set-up, negotiation and implementation phases of projects, interfacing with management units and project leaders. The financial management of projects remains the responsibility of the Managing Trustee.
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Contact information

Generic e-mail: contact@mission-europe-recherche.fr 
Detection Division: detection@mission-europe-recherche.fr
Assembly Division: ingenierie@mission-europe-recherche.fr

Postal address: Mission Europe pour la Recherche, 63 La Canebière, 13001 Marseille

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