Mediterranean Institute for the Environmental Transition - ITEM

The Mediterranean Institute for the Environmental Transition (ITEM) is taking up the challenge of adapting our society to the environmental changes.

Understanding environmental change and its global impact is a major challenge for the 21st century in order to move towards sustainable livelihoods. The  mediterranean Institute for Environmental Transition (ITEM) positions Aix-Marseille University at the international level and contributes to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Through its Mediterranean roots, the institute proposes to develop interdisciplinary systemic research to understand the effects of global change on society and natural resources. ITEM is dedicated to the development of innovative solutions to better manage and anticipate natural and industrial risks, support the transformation of cities and develop original approaches to address complex socio-environmental issues.


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Jérôme Rose


Avenue Louis Philibert
13090 Aix-en-Provence | FRANCE

Mediterranean Institute for the Environmental Transition - ITEM
Decision Support, Mediterranean Basin
Biodiversity and Ecology, Climate Change
Geosciences, Territorial Governance
Oceanography, Societal Resilience
Natural Resources, Human and Social Sciences