Measures of yesterday and today

Pierre Gravier, Professor Emeritus
Nicolas Claire, Senior Lecturer (PIIM)

Reception of classes from the 2nd grade onwards

The Charles Fabry Museum offers a journey into Marseille science from 1880 to the present day. What was the research at the time? How was it measured? What was being measured? How was it calculated? Students will discover anecdotes about researchers and their work: the existence of the ozone layer, the precise definition of the metre, the measurement of the speed of the stars, the heat released by a fly in flight, etc.
They will learn more about the evolution of computation with a special room from manual mechanical computation machine to laptop computer. They will move from the Volta cell to the connected fuel cell via a model car to a working Hydrogen model. They will make electrical measurements with current century-old devices and digital multimeters. It will also be an opportunity to see how we have gone from the alcohol thermometer to the electronic thermometer... They can even play Tetris on a Mac color that is 25 years old!

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old instruments
optical measurements
electrical and calorimetric