The "Marseille Imaging" institute includes within its scope "Masters" courses offering specific training in biological and medical imaging as well as signal and image processing.

Person in charge: Marc Emmanuel BELLEMARE

Interpret and understand the phenomena resulting from the observation of living organisms thanks to signal processing techniques and biomedical images.

□ Keywords: acquisition, processing and interpretation of biomedical signals and images

Responsible : Salah BOURENNANE

Interpret and understand the random phenomena and signals at the origin of observations through the interaction of the concept of physics and signal and image processing.

Keywords: acquisition, applications, processing and interpretation

Person in charge: Jean Yves NATOLI and Hugues GIOVANNINI

Introduction to the field of photonics, quantum optics, modelling of physical domains

Keywords: Electromagnetism, Physical optics, Optoelectronics, Quantum optics, laser sources, biophotonics, nanophotonics, astronomy.

Person in charge: Benjamin GUILLET

Theoretical and practical knowledge for the development of "innovative drug" candidates in the field of therapy and imaging.

□ Keywords: Cell and gene therapy, molecular imaging, interventional radiology, internal vectorized radiotherapy.

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Master's degree in Signal and image processing
Master's degree in Physics
Master's degree in Health Engineering
Biomedical Signals and Images
Europhotonics Eramus Mundus
Innovative diagnostic and therapeutic drug products