The AMU 2021 letter

The AMU Newsletter is a monthly university magazine distributed to all staff, French universities, institutional and socio-economic partners and the local and national press. In its digital version, it offers interactive content (video links, social networks, web pages) to recount AMU's news, give meaning to the development of projects that are part of value-based policies, and highlight the richness and diversity of the men and women who make the university tick.

The sections

  • Initiatives: presents decisions and institutional measures taken by AMU headquarters, the components and laboratories.
  • Focus: presents a thematic dossier with testimonials from internal players. Each issue of the magazine bears the name of the dossier. The editorial is linked to it.
  • Success stories: highlights members of the community, students and staff, and collective successes.
  • Explorations: promotes research work, scientific and artistic culture, and all university creativity open to the city.
  • Horizons: presents international activities and AMU's openness to the world.

Sent by email at the end of each month, the magazine is available on the home page of this website, in the first newsletter of each month and on AMU's social networks. A recycled paper version of the magazine is also available, distributed at the Board of Directors meeting and sent in a few copies to the components, services and departments on the various AMU sites.

Magazine of the year 2021





See you in September!

Letter n°91- July 2021

  • EDITORIAL: Éric Berton
  • INITIATIVES: NEWS FROM THE DEPARTMENTS - What evaluation of training courses by students? - Guillaume Pianezze, new Director of Human Resources
  • SUCCESSES: PORTRAITS - Guy Le Lay and Christine Blanc
  • HORIZONS: OUR INTERNATIONAL OUTREACH: A look back at the 2021 Sustainable Development Goals Summer School - Success for the Cancer and Immunology Institute Summer School



New innovative policy: the development of interdisciplinarity

Letter n°90- June 2021

  • EDITORIAL: Éric Berton
  • INITIATIVES: NEWS FROM THE SERVICES - The Aix-Marseille University waste management plan - IAE: students act for the planet - Polytech: whatever the way, as long as you do it! - Laurence Corvellec, new Director General of Services at AMU - Bertrand Caillé, new administrative manager of the doctoral training department
  • ACHIEVEMENTS: PORTRAITS - Auriane oline, Nadia Merad-Coliac
  • EXPLORATIONS: SCIENCES, CULTURES AND SOCIETY: Treize Minutes Marseille: already 8 editions and the adventure continues!
  • MEMORIES:Christina Kolowski
  • ZOOM ON:Ensemble OSAMU



Odyssey: a heritage to be preserved and enhanced

Letter n°89- May 2021

  • EDITORIAL: Maryline Crivello
  • INITIATIVES: NEWS FROM THE SERVICES - MU decorates its sites and contributes to the influence of the French art scene; Antonin Ricard, Director of the IAE Aix-Marseille; A*Midex: a 3.0 roadmap to support the transformation and internationalisation of the Aix-Marseille site
  • SUCCESSES: PORTRAITS - Iman Mersal, Gilles Dufrenot
  • EXPLORATIONS: SCIENCE, CULTURES AND SOCIETY: EURAXESS: new services for foreign researchers, EXPERT'S OPINION: Detecting cancer in a blood test thanks to AI
  • MEMORIES:Sibylle Derville
  • ZOOM ON:1% Artistic



Preventive medicine: realities, prospects and adaptation to the health crisis

Letter n°88 - April 2021

  • EDITORIAL: Laurent Bensoussan
  • INITIATIVES: NEWS FROM THE SERVICES - Immersion in the President's Office,
    DRI: a new organisation for new challenges
  • ACHIEVEMENTS: PORTRAIT - Stéphanie Moullet
  • EXPLORATIONS: SCIENCE, CULTURES AND SOCIETY: Turbulence, a setting dedicated to the arts, EXPERT'S OPINION: SARS-CoV-2 and its impact on the elasticity of the human body
  • HORIZONS: OUR INTERNATIONAL RAYONNEMENT - AMU's research consolidates its European leadership
  • MEMORIES:Jean Giudicelli, Bernard Fontaine
  • STAFF MOVEMENTS: Pierre Thierry
  • ZOOM ON:Oscar in the clouds



What is student life today?

Letter n°87 - March 2021

  • EDITORIAL:Éric Berton
  • INITIATIVES: NEWS FROM THE SERVICES - Understanding continuous improvement on video; "Writing and creation prize", a new literary competition open to the community; The Sociétés en Mutation en Méditerranée (SoMuM) institute encourages associative commitment thanks to the "Lab'Citoyenneté" scheme
  • ACHIEVEMENTS: PORTRAITS - Chantal A. Bergel, Mar Benavides
  • EXPLORATIONS: SCIENCE, CULTURES AND SOCIETY: My Thesis in 180 seconds, regional final 2021 100% online, EXPERT'S OPINION: Vaccination strategies against Covid
  • HORIZONS: OUR INTERNATIONAL OUTREACH - CIVIS, innovating to meet societal challenges
  • MEMORIES:Frédéric Diaz, David Zeitoun, Patrice Pomey, Didier Bourles
  • STAFF MOVEMENTS: Marie-Pierre Devarieux, Laurent Barbieri, Kheira Bouaka
  • ZOOM ON:The return of spring



Renewing education to meet new challenges

Letter n°86 - February 2021

  • EDITORIAL:Lionel Nicod
  • INITIATIVES: NEWS FROM THE DEPARTMENTS - A look back at the survey carried out among AMU's Licences 1: Well-being and mental health, Towards a green university: press conference on the National Recovery Plan
  • EXPLORATIONS: Hydrogen, the energy of the future?
  • HORIZONS: OUR INTERNATIONAL OUTREACH - The new Erasmus+ 2021-2027 programme is underway; Dare to be mobile as part of CIVIS: face-to-face and/or distance learning!
  • ZOOM ON:Back to school on the sites


DIRCOM-Lettre (Test)

Climate Council
AMU is committed to sustainable development

Letter n°85 - January 2021

  • EDITORIAL:Mariane Domeizel
  • INITIATIVES: NEWS FROM THE SERVICES - New "Culture and Society" department, New "Safety and Security Defence" department, Polytech Marseille welcomes three new directors, DAJI: appointment of a new director
  • SCIENCES, CULTURES AND SOCIETY: The "Jeu de l'Oie" Festival of Social Sciences and Arts in replay - to be visited without moderation throughout the year! - EXPERT'S OPINION: Understanding the US presidential elections
  • HORIZONS: OUR INTERNATIONAL REACH - CIVIS, a new member: the University of Glasgow
  • MEMORIES:José Maldonado, Martine Faraco, Corinne Singellos
  • ZOOM ON:Wishes 2021