Laboratories - Research Units

The Marseille Imaging Institute brings together a group of expert laboratories and research units in biological and medical imaging in the different themes of the institute:
-Ultimate Imaging
-Imaging therapy
-Emerging and breakthrough techniques
-Imaging for all

CERIMED - European Centre for Research in Medical Imaging


logo cerimed

CIML - Marseille-Luminy Immunology Center

logo CIML

CINaM - Marseille Interdisciplinary Centre for Nanoscience


logo CINAM

CPPM - Marseille Centre for Particle Physics


logo CPPM

CRCM - Marseille Cancer Research Centre
IPC - Paoli-Calmettes Instiute



CRMBM - Biological and Medical Magnetic Resonance Centre


logo CRMBM

C2VN - Cardiovascular Research and Nutrition Centre


logo C2VN

FRESNEL - Fresnel Institute Marseille



IBDM - Institute of Developmental Biology of Marseille LOGO IBDM
ICR - Institute of Radical Chemistry

logo ICR

IM2NP - Microelectronic Materials and Nanosciences Institute of Provence


logo IM2NP

INMED - Mediterranean Institute of Neurobiology


logo INMED

INP - Institute of NeuroPhysiopathology logo INP
INS - Institute for Systems Neurosciences


INT - Timone Institute of Neuroscience

logo INT

I2M - Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille

logo I2M

IPM - Adhesion and Inflammation Laboratory

logo LAI

LAM - Marseille Astronomy Laboratory

logo LAM

LCB - Bacterial Chemistry Laboratory

logo LCB

LIIE - Experimental Interventional Imaging Laboratory LOGO LIIE
LIS - Computer and Systems Laboratory

logo LIS

LMA - Mechanics and Acoustics Laboratory

logo LMA

LP3 - Plasma Lasers and Photonic Processes Laboratory

logo LP3

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CNRS - National Center of scientific research

INSERM - National Institute of Health and Medical Research

Ecole Centrale Marseille

APHM - Public Assistance of Marseille Hospitals

AMU - Aix-Marseille University

Ultimate Imagery
Imaging therapy
Emerging and breakthrough techniques
Imaging for as many people as possible
Artificial Intelligence