Institute for Physics of the Universe - IPhU

IPhU is a leading collaborative scientific research and education environment, with a strong attractiveness and international influence, dedicated to the Physics of the Universe and associated technologies, from the infinitely small scales of particle physics to the infinitely large ones of cosmology, with high-energy astrophysics in between. Its goal is to provide answers to the key questions of the field that defy our imagination: which fundamental laws govern the Universe? What is it made of? How did it form and how does it evolve? Do we understand the Universe in its extreme states?

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The institute brings together and synergizes theoretical, observational and experimental skills which are internationally recognized. This synergy represents a unique added value that contributes to the sustainability of the intimate connection that IPhU perpetuates between research, its Graduate School’s  internationalized and innovative education, and the socio-economic world.

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Eric Kajfasz

Box 902 - 163 Avenue de Luminy
13288 Marseille Cedex 09 | FRANCE

Institute for Physics of the Universe - IPhU
Big data, Cosmology, Technological innovations
Dark matter and energy
Particles and astroparticles
Theory and Models, Primordial Universe
Eric Kajfasz