Institute of Mediterranean Societies in Transition - SoMuM

The strength of the institute is to cover a large disciplinary field in the Social Sciences and Humanities at the Aix-Marseille University site counting on an international network of scientists and socio-economic and cultural stakeholders, all specialists in the Mediterranean as an observatory of the major global challenges to be met.

The Institute "Mediterranean Societies in Transition" (SoMuM) is part of the Aix-Marseille University establishment and aims to unite the disciplinary forces of Aix-Marseille University on Mediterranean Studies and reinforces their international influence. At the crossroads of research and training, SoMuM provides the keys to understanding changes in yesterday's today's and tomorrow's societies around the Mediterranean, from Europe to Africa and the Middle East. It also brings together anthropologists, demographers, economists, geographers, historians, art historians, jurists, philosophers, philologists, political scientists and sociologists.

Among the missions of SoMuM is the consolidation of a course on Mediterranean Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences, at Masters and Doctorate level. The Institute also aims to promote innovative research (concepts, tools, methods) around three scientific axes: "Transitions, Lasting Destabilizations and Crises", "Dynamics, Circulations and Cultural Heritage", "Territorial Recompositions and Interactions". Close collaboration has been put in place to involve master students, doctoral students, international partners and socio-economic and cultural stakeholders. Finally, SoMuM sets itself two challenges: developing employability in the Humanities and Social Sciences and thinking about foresight from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Structured into four Poles (1. Governance 2. Training 3. Research 4. Transverse and Intersectorial), SoMuM brings together 281 personnel from the Aix-Marseille University perimeter (researchers, teacher-researchers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff), belonging to eleven research units. Three components and two doctoral schools are involved in training (Masters, PhD) and research activities.Chiffres


The «Mediterranean Societies in Transition» Institute (SoMuM) federates eleven research departments

Centre Gilles Gaston Granger (CGGG, UMR 7309) Centre Norbert Elias (CNE, UMR 8562)
Droits International, Comparé et Européen (DICE, UMR 7318) Institut d’ethnologie méditerranéenne, européenne et comparative (IDEMEC, UMR 7307)
Institut des Mondes Africains (IMAF, UMR 8171) Institut de Recherches et d'Etudes sur les Mondes Arabes et Musulmans (IREMAM, UMR 7310)
Laboratoire méditerranéen de sociologie - Croyance, Histoire, Espace, Régulation Politique et Administrative (LAMES – CHERPA, UMR 7305) Laboratoire d’Economie et de Sociologie du Travail (LEST, UMR 7317)
Laboratoire Population Environnement Développement (LPED, UMR 151)

Temps, Espaces, Langages, Europe Méridionale – Méditerranée (TELEMME, UMR 7303)

Centre Paul-Albert Février (TDMAM, UMR 7297)  

Cartographie de l'institut : l'image montre les principales structures engagées (composantes, écoles doctorales, unités de recherche, partenaires)

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Institute "Mediterranean Societies in Transition" - SoMuM
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