Institute Marseille Imaging

The ambition of Marseille Imaging is to lead, coordinate the imaging forces and strengthen the training-research link on the site as well as the attractiveness and socio-economic development.

Resolutely multidisciplinary, the institute aims to promote collaboration between data science, instrumentation and application (co-design) actors in research and training in 4 priority areas: ultimate imaging, imaging therapy, emerging and disruptive techniques, imaging for all. The combination of imaging strengths and a coherent presentation enhance the attractiveness of our site, internationally and for the socio-economic world, reinforced by specific actions (develop an industrial chair, support for international mobility, development of work-linked training with both industry and research labs…).



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Stefan Enoch

Assistant Director of research

Monique Bernard

Assistant Director of training

Mouloud Adel

Project Manager

Cécile Lavoute




Marseille-Timone Campus
27 Boulevard Jean-Moulin
13385 Marseille Cedex 05 | FRANCE

Institute Marseille Imaging - MARSEILLE-IMAGING
Biomarker, Co-design, Biomedical Imaging
Interventional Imaging, Ultimate Imaging, Artificial Intelligence
Personalized Medicine, Data Sciences, Theranostics
Digital signal and image processing
Stefan Enoch