Institute for Creativity and Innovation - InCIAM

A scientific multidisciplinary network, conducting fundamental and applied research, in connection with the socio-economic world, to understand and support creative and innovation processes in the fields of health, education and work.

Creative activities lead to scientific discoveries, cultural works and innovations that can change people’s entire ways of life. By analysing processes that extend from the emergence of ideas to the implementation of innovations, the research undertaken at InCIAM has the potential to drive both scientific and social advances. Creativity and innovation specialists at the institute will work closely with specialists in applied areas of health, work and education. This interdisciplinary collaboration improves our understanding of creative and innovation processes and, by so doing, favours creativity and contributes to the development of innovations adapted to human capabilities, limitations and needs.


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Nathalie Bonnardel


Maison de la Recherche Centre de recherche en Psychologie de la Connaissance, du Langage et de l'Émotion (PSYCLÉ)
29 avenue Robert Schuman
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Institute for Creativity and Innovation - InCIAM
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Nathalie Bonnardel