If you are selected, what steps do you need to take?

You've been selected for a short mobility program and received confirmation. Congratulations!
More specifically, in the case of a CIVIS Blended Intensive Program, this confirmation will take the form of a selection e-mail sent from the CIVIS application platform. This e-mail will invite you to quickly reconfirm your intention to take part in the entire BIP (virtual part + face-to-face part), which constitutes a real commitment on your part, and implies that the following steps will be completed on time.

The main stages in monitoring your short mobility

Before your departure, but also after your short mobility, you will be asked to complete several follow-up forms on the AMU mobility portal.
These various forms will enable our international relations administrative services to:

  • collect the information and documents needed to put together your mobility file
  • validate your mobility
  • Examine your eligibility for a grant and pay the grant if you are eligible.
  • Receive additional documents relating to your mobility upon your return.

Before you leave on a short mobility program

Finalize your study contract - as soon as you have been selected

Send your study contract to the BIP organizing university for signature. You will find the contact details of the organizer on the BIP presentation page under "practical details".

Complete the registration form - Short-term mobility - before the start of the BIP program

This form will enable you to:

  • Indicate the planned dates of your mobility (virtual part and face-to-face part)
  • Submit the required documents for your mobility file:
    • Your Erasmus+ BIP study contract signed by all parties (you, the sending university - AMU, the host university - the organizer)
    • Your personal accident, civil liability and medical repatriation insurance certificates
    • Your European Health Insurance Card (if you are a citizen of the European Economic Area or Switzerland)
    • Your current year's school certificate
    • Your Erasmus+ inclusion documents if you are eligible.
    • Submit your RIB if you are eligible for a grant and your conditional or definitive Crous notification if you are concerned.

These steps must be taken before the start of the first session of the BIP program in which you will be participating. After this date, your application will not be accepted, nor will you be eligible for funding.

During the current month's Scholarship Committee meeting, our departments will assess your eligibility for the various types of funding offered by Aix Marseille Université.
Following the Scholarship Committee meeting, you will receive :

  • A notification of grant award or, if applicable, a notification of non-award of grant.
  • An Erasmus+ funding contract if you are eligible for an Erasmus+ grant.

Complete and sign your Erasmus+ Funding Contract before the start of the face-to-face part of the BIP.

If you are eligible for an Erasmus+ grant, you must sign your Erasmus+ financing contract and hand it in to your mobility manager at your local international relations office before you leave abroad.

On your return

Fill in the follow-up form - on your return

This form will enable you to upload the documents you need to finalize your mobility file, so you can submit :

  1. Your attestation of the actual dates of your mobility, signed by the host establishment
  2. Proof of outward and return transport
  3. Your sworn statement indicating that you were unable to travel during the BIP physical mobility days, and the reasons why (no transport available on the day, fare, etc.) if you traveled outside the scheduled BIP mobility days.

This step is proof of your return to France and will enable AMU to set up payment of your scholarship and any financial supplements if you are concerned.


After selection
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