The institute is the entry point for development and partnership actions (research and training).

It is setting up a "window" for partners, offering access to the research platforms it is working to develop, as well as the development of long-term collaborations. The institute is also committed to opening up science to the general public and scientific culture.

Challenges and fields of application

Within the framework of its policy of Valorisation and Innovation for the academic and socio-economic environment, the Institute makes available, via its platforms, high-level scientific knowledge and know-how as well as cutting-edge technological tools.

The institute is a privileged place for innovation allowing to realize complex and high quality services, training actions on specific materials and expertise activities. Our objectives, research contracts, partnership collaborations or external services concern our research themes: Health Education, Work.

Resource centres and platforms

Convinced of the usefulness, the transversality and the omnipresence of research in small and large companies, we provide targeted users with equipment, skills, tools and services via 11 technological platforms. Each platform concentrates human and material resources (cutting-edge equipment) to meet various industrial and socio-economic challenges.

Contact information

For any contact information within the framework of a partnership or a collaboration:

Institute of Creativity and Innovations of Aix-Marseille - InCIAM
Supporting innovations, Partnership
Adaptation to human beings, assistance to creativity
Creativity, Education, Training
Innovation, Health, Technology, Work
Nathalie Bonnardel