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Informations Générales Formation professionnelle continue

A team of experienced professionals in the field of reception, information, orientation and professional integration, at your disposal to help you in your efforts.

1. Advice on the implementation of professional projects

We offer you:

2. Lifelong learning systems

2.1 Access to diploma or non-diploma training

  • DAEU: Diploma of Access to University Studies:National diploma that gives the same rights as the baccalaureate, particularly in terms of access to higher education and administrative competitions in category B.

  • VAP : Validation of Professional Acquired Knowledge:Allows you to apply for a diploma exemption to enter a course of study at a higher level than your initial level of study. It is an authorization to register by exemption from title required for the purpose of continuing or resuming studies (decree of 23 August 1985).

  • Preparation for the administrative competitions cat. A and B:The Service de Formation Continue d'Aix-Marseille Université offers training to prepare for administrative competitions in categories A and B, which gives access to the competitions of the State Civil Service and the Territorial Civil Service.

  • Short training courses :We offer modules, seminars, professional certifications...Referencing of training courses to specific networks and professional branches: logistics, medical, management....

2.2 Certify a diploma

VAE or Validation of Acquired Experienceallows you to valider all or part of a diploma thanks to his professional experience.

Individual EAV (in presence or remotely)

  • Ensure the sustainability of your know-how
  • Boost your professional investment
  • Optimize your professional career path
  • Promote your professional mobility
  • Support you individually in person or remotely

VAE Company

  • Advice to your HR departments
  • Administrative and educational support for employees
  • Personalized methodological support
  • Possibility of collective VAE action within the company

2.3 Establish a skills and potential assessment

Aix-Marseille University has a competence assessment centre linked to the following objectives:

  • Identify and enhance skills
  • Support professional development by selecting appropriate training offers
  • Build an operational evolution project
  • Validate a potential on a target position and propose a path of adaptation to the targeted job

3. The process of welcoming an intern

A team of experienced professionals in the field of reception, information, orientation and professional integration, at your disposal to help you in your efforts. We organize a three-step approach to the management of trainees:

  • Collective information on vocational training
  • A personal personal interview
  • Orientation and support

Schéma des étapes d'Accueil, d'Information, d'Orientation et d'insertion Professionnelle

To obtain a complete information on VAE and the different Continuing Education systems (VAP, Skills Assessment, Short Training, etc.)we offer you monthly collective information sessions, free of charge and open to all, whatever your situation. The purpose of this collective information is to present, in detail, the concrete conditions of the VAE: target groups, approaches, timetable, financing.Through these information sessions, participants begin to identify the place and relevance of the approach in relation to their situation, their professional project.

At the end of these meetings, people can request a personal meeting with a continuing education advisor to study and work on their professional project, the opportunity for a VAE and determine possible certifications.If the EAV is not relevant, other avenues will be explored to advance the project.

If you wish to attend this meeting, you will need to necessarily to register.

4. Calendar and registration for the next collective information meetings VAE and Continuing Education

4.1 Timetable

March April May June
Aix 12.03.19 02.04.19 13.05.19 04.06.19
Marseille 07.03.19 09.04.19 10.05.19 03.06.19

4.2 Registration

5. Site addresses

Meetings are offered at our two sites, in Marseille or Aix-en-Provence:

Contact information
Hotel Maynier d'Oppède
21 rue Gaston de Saporta
13100 Aix-en-Provence

Contact : 04 13 94 21 21
Contact information
Marseille Centre Campus - St Charles site
3 Place Victor Hugo
13331 Marseille Cedex 3
Contact: 04 13 55 08 08 72
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