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Aix-Marseille University is a member of the Franco-German University (UFA), a flagship organisation of the cooperation between the two countries. The UFA supports numerous international partnership degrees as well as other research-related activities.

The Franco-German University

Founded in 1997 and financed in equal parts by France and Germany, the Franco-German University (FGU) is an institution with an international legal personality whose aim is to improve and support cooperation in higher education between these two countries. Each year, it allocates an operating budget and also financial aid to promote the mobility of its students, doctoral students and teacher-researchers in the Franco-German courses that it supports (at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as at the research level).

The UFA in a few figures :

  • 186 Franco-German integrated programmes
  • Programmes supported in more than 130 cities throughout Europe and other countries
  • 25 Franco-German Doctoral Colleges and more than 440 PhDs
  • 208 higher education and research institutions
  • 6,400 students and 300 doctoral students
  • Approximately 1500 graduates per year
  • Nearly 100 scientific events organized each year

Integrated courses at the AFU

Unlike traditional exchange programs, UFA students benefit from an educational program developed jointly by French and German professors and researchers. They study together and spend part of their curriculum in the partner university. This gives them the opportunity to discover the university systems of the two (or even three) partner countries and to develop their linguistic and intercultural skills. To this end, they receive a mobility grant of 300€ per month for students and 600€ per month for PhD students.

In order to preserve its scientific excellence, the integrated courses of the AFU are evaluated every four years by a scientific commission and by external experts.

The students and doctoral candidates participation in the UFA's programs constitutes a real added value on the job market. The results of surveys conducted by the AFU show that, in addition to the acquisition of linguistic and cultural skills, participation in integrated programmes facilitates professional integration, adaptability and openness to the world.

The UFA and Aix-Marseille University

As a long-standing partner of Aix-Marseille University, the UFA supports numerous Franco-German degree, Master's and Doctoral programmes:


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