Former students, staff & trainees

Anciens étudiants personnels stagiaires

Running an alumni network is a real strategic development axis for Aix-Marseille University, the main operator of higher education and research in the region, and a national and international reference. As such, AMU trains the vast majority of decision-makers, managers, socio-economic actors, influencers and opinion leaders in the PACA region. AMU is committed every day to transmitting with the challenge: the best for all.

By deciding to build a network of large-scale alumni, AMU aims to offer students at the world's largest French-speaking university a network that will allow each AMU graduate to have an unparalleled potentiality of opportunities:

  • for graduates, find the employees of tomorrow who meet their needs
  • for students, to have new solutions for professional success.

AMU's ambition is to create a network of "AMU alumni", such networks being already developed by certain institutes and components, and to federate the entire alumni community.

In a second step, a network of former staff will be developed.

The alumni community brings together graduates, students, staff and partners.

4 key objectives of the alumni community:

  • Develop the network and links between community actors in France and abroad;
  • Strengthen the sense of belonging of students and graduates to the University;
  • Promote excellence in AMU teaching and research through the alumni network and promote the university's influence;
  • To constitute an important lever to facilitate professional integration and career development
Contact information

Sarah Coulson, Project Manager fot the Alumni Network
04 42 17 24 75