FairEmbo CHAIR


Within the framework of the theme "IMAGERY FOR ALL"...
The Marseille Imaging Institute supports the FAIREMBO CHAIR.
This is an ambitious but realistic project designed to offer a rapid and effective treatment for the management of bleeding in emerging countries that do not have access to these solutions due to lack of means or availability.

FairEmbo can be literally translated by
"Fair and Equitable Embolization"


Arterial embolization:

An interventional radiology technique that allows the occlusion of a bleeding vessel quickly, efficiently and safely.
This technique is widely deployed in Western countries, replacing surgery in a large number of indications (hemorrhage in childbirth, internal bleeding from road accidents and other bleeding). Stop bleeding is obtained by direct injection of an occlusive product (embolisation agent).

The FairEmbo project aims to

-Reducing mortality due to haemorrhage in emerging countries

-Make the procedure accessible by replacing these occluding agents (expensive and unavailable) with fragments of surgical sutures (available all over the world and at low cost)

-Promote and facilitate this practice by local interventional radiologists for SAVE LIVES.

And the research...

After a pre-clinical phase showing the effectiveness of arterial embolization by suture, published in a specialized medical journal, a first patient was successfully treated by Professor Adboulaye Ndoye DIOP of the University Gaston Berger of Saint Louis and Practitioner of the hospitals of the University Hospital of Dakar in Senegal.

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FairEmbo Concept
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-FairEmbo fragment design for proximal embolization

-FairEmbo fragment design for distal embolization

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