Educational Success Contract (CONPERE)

CONPERE - Educational contract for success

If you are a student in the 1st year of a bachelor's or B.U.T. degree, you need to go to the University's CONPERE website and complete your CPRE (contrat pédagogique de réussite):

Or in your ENT, click on this logo :


The Contrat Pédagogique pour la Réussite is a dematerialized contract drawn up between you and your studies department.

The aim of this contract is :

  • Make it easier to understand the individualized support you will be offered throughout your degree course.
  • Make you a player in the construction of your training project.


Your Contrat Pédagogique pour la Réussite must be completed after your administrative registration, i.e. once you have your login andpassword.

  1. Log on to the application and initialize your contract by completing the sections that apply to you.
  2. Your Director of Studies fills in any special arrangements that apply to you, and signs your contract.
  3. You will receive an e-mail indicating that your contract is ready to be signed. You must go back to the application and sign it.


A short guide is available online to help you 

You can also contact support at:



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