Doctoral Schools


Doctoral students, teacher-researchers and researchers at the "Marseille Imaging" Institute
participate in 4 doctoral schools offering specific training in biological and medical imaging
under the tutelage of the Doctoral College.


Director, Jean-Louis MEGE
Deputy Director, Christophe PORCHET

Offers training in its various fields of expertise in the life sciences and health, awards research grants to the most deserving students, phelps students to a better professional integration, opening them to the corporate culture, the socio-economic world, industrial property, ethics, good laboratory practices or communication.

Keywords: biochemistry and genomics, genetics and development, immunology-cancerology, infectious diseases, microbiology, neurosciences, pathophysiology and human genetics, clinical research, public health, and medical ethics

Director, Nadia CREIGNOU
Deputy Director, Thierry GALLOUET

Leads and organizes doctoral studies in the fields of mathematics, computer science and automatism at Aix Marseille University and Ecole Centrale de Marseille.

Keywords:Mathematics, Computer Science and Automation

Director, Conrad BECKER

The ED, which is associated with the University of Aix-Marseille and the Ecole Centrale Marseille and with the CEA Institute of Nuclear Sciences and Techniques, offers training in its various research fields.

Keywords: Astrophysics and Cosmology; Biophysics; Energy, Radiation and Plasma; Instrumentation; Condensed Matter and Nanosciences; Optics, Photonics and Image Processing; Particle Physics and Astroparticles; Theoretical Physics and Mathematics.

Director, Eric SERRE
Deputy Director, Michel BENOIT

Analysis and modeling of complex physical systems present in nature or made by man.

Keywords:Mechanics and Physics of Continuous Media (solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, acoustics, thermics, energetics, biomechanics)


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