COVID-19 - AMU's approach to 2020 fall term



Boarders crossing - COVID-19  restrictions

Depending on your country of origin, the steps to follow are different.

  1. You are coming to France from a green area country : you can travel to France without restriction.
  2. You are coming to France from a red area country : you must carry :
  • The exceptional international travel certificate for Metropolitan France which can be downloaded on the Ministry of the Interior’s website. You must present this certificate to travel companies before using your travel ticket, as well as to border control authorities (for travel by air, sea and land, including by rail).
  • A sworn statement that you do not have COVID-19 symptoms (included in the same document).
  • A “contact” sheet provinding your residence address in France

Find templates here.

Additional  steps depending on your country of origin apply (being tested for instance).

Read detailed procedures and lists of green or red areas here.

Official Governement Communication can be found in the useful documents section.

Depending on boarders re-opening and visas obtentions, all international students who arrived in France will be allowed to join the AMU community and attend their 2020 Fall Semester.

Once in France, international students will be invited to start their program by following the sanitary rules in place and as required for all AMU's students.

  • As of now, AMU is planning on delivering in-person courses. Yet, learning conditions may vary depending on the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to abide by health authority guidelines, some classes could partially move online while some others could entirely move online. Computers and internet connections will thus be required.
  • We strongly advise you to regularly check your faculty website for the latest updates on the Fall Semester learning conditions. Find your faculty website here.

AMU's Regsitration Procedures

> STEP 1 : Administrative Registration (IA)

This year, most of administrative registrations will be processed online.

Admissions through Etudes en France (Campus France)

Online registrations will open on August 31st, 2pm (Paris time).
Find out the registrations' deadline of your faculty on their website, here.

Admissions through ParcourSup

You will be able to proceed with your Administrative Registration at the following dates:

  • If you have confirmed your admission before July 13th 2020: administrative registrations are now closed.
  • If you confirm your admission between July 13th and August 23rd (included) : from now on until August 27th, 12 pm (Paris time),
  • If you confirm your admission starting from August 24th 2020: as soon as possible.

Admissions through Ecandidat

Your Administrative Registration deadline is written down in your acceptance letter.
If you have any doubt, please contact your faculty's tuition staff (see list here)

>> Go check the online administrative registrations page

If you are unable to pay your registration fees by credit card as required, we invite you to write an email to for further assistance.

Admissions through "DAP Papier"

Administrative registrations will only be held in-person.
We invite you to go to your School Service Office as soon as you arrive in France (check Shool Service Offfices here).

CVEC Payment (Student Life and Campus Solidarity Contribution)

Getting through your Administrative Registration, you will be asked to pay the CVEC tax (92€) and provide a payment receipt.
Before being able to proceed to your Administrative Registration, you will need to have paid the CVEC.
Please, process your online payment as soon as possible. If you are unable to pay this tax with a credit card, you may ask a relative to pay for you following the enclosed procedure here.

>> Pay your CVEC tax here

STEP 2 : Pedagogical Registration (IP)

Pedagogical Registration is your final registration step and will enable you to choose your semester classes.
Pedagogical Registration is mandatory, will be processed once in France and once your Administrative Registration is finalized.

Distance Learning

Distance Learning Diplomas listed on the Campus France's website differ from 2020 Fall Term courses that would usually be held in-person, but due to the COVID-19 situation will be delivered online as Web Oriented courses. Distance Learning Diplomas are rather:

  • Diplomas of their own, for wich online attendance will be required all year long (Fall and Winter Semester)
  • Diplomas with specific tuition fees, admission and registration processes.

If you are interested by one of our Distance Learning Program, please check out admission requirements on the Campus France's website.

Get ready for your departure with LivinFrance

Bannière LivinFrance

Aix-Marseille implemented an online platform to help you get through as many administrative procedures as possible before your departure.
Benefit from a tailored and individualised support on LivinFrance.

  1. Create an account and login here
  2. If you wish, make an appointment by phone or WhatsApp with one of our helpers.
  3. Read all the information and carry out some of your procedures online before your arrival in France.
  4. While you are logged in, you will have the possibility to ask your questions via Chat, WhatsApp or phone

This service is multilingual (French, English, Spanish...), don't hesitate to use it, it's completely free!

You will also find some useful tips on how to prepare your arrival to France on our dedicated pages here.

Let's meet on our Welcome Desk

Essential for your arrival in France, come to our Welcome Desk!

From August 31st to September 25th, 2020 in Aix-en-Provence and Marseille.

  • Aix-en-Provence, Schuman Sud site, Le Cube building, 29 avenue Robert Schuman, 13100, Aix-en-Provence
  • Marseille Centre, Site Saint Charles, Espace Fernand Pouillon, "Espace Pouillon", 3 place Victor Hugo, 13003, Marseille

We really look forward to seeing you on campus soon !

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