The Marseille Imaging Institute has set up committees in charge of guiding the Institute's actions in the fields of training, research and interaction with the socio-economic world.
The committees meet regularly to discuss the actions to be carried out.

  • Training Committee:

Person in charge: Marc-Emmanuel BELLEMARE, Deputy Director of Training

Follow-up and discussion on the strategy in Formation, in particular, on :

  • Immersion of students in research practices
  • Strengthening the link between training and research
  • International awareness and integration
  • Creating opportunities with the socio-economic world

Research Committee :

Person in charge: Monique BERNARD, Deputy Director of Research

Follow-up and discussion on the research strategy, in particular, on :

  • Promote innovation, co-design and interdisciplinarity in imaging
  • Promote image processing and data analysis at the interface of different imaging methods.
  • Developing the attractiveness of the Aix Marseille site in the Imaging sector
  • Communicate on the results of the laboratories and platforms
  • Strengthen the link between training and research
  • Support and coordinate imaging platforms
  • Inform and encourage to respond to the AAPs, particularly European ones, in connection with the AMU Europe cell.

Socio-Economic Strategic Committee :

Person in charge: Stefan ENOCH, Director of the Institute

Follow-up and discussion on the strategy in relation to the socio-economic world, in particular, on :

  • Establish partnerships with socio-economic and cultural actors
  • Increasing the participation of socio-economic actors (training and research)
  • Develop the attractiveness of the Aix-Marseille site
  • Developing Open innovation
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