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Project name : CLIMAST
Program: Erasmus+ Programme
Action : Strategic partnership
Theme : Climate and environment
Keywords: Climate sciences, Mediterranean region, University network
Duration: 36 months
Budget : 203 000 €.
Coordinator : Aix-Marseille Université
Project leader(s): Laurence Vidal, OSU Pythéas
Partners: University of Barcelona, Spain


CLIMAST in theory and practice!

CLIMAST aims to create a network of higher education institutions involved in climate science and impact studies to address this 21st century challenge. The network will focus its efforts on providing high-level training in the field of climate science, including social sciences in the context of the Mediterranean region. These actions will allow the training of committed professionals, capable of taking part in climate negotiations and of dealing appropriately with this societal challenge.

Innovative aspect: Internationalizing training in climate sciences.

A significant achievement of the project: Guide on the development of the interface between the scientific world and the non-academic world

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Climate Science
Mediterranean region
University network