Challenges A*MIDEX

The A*Midex Foundation manages the funds allocated to the A*Midex project, representing nearly 26 million euros per year. To achieve these objectives, A*Midex must meet a series of challenges in a context of globalization and intense international competition :

A*Midex's action is based on major challenges :

  • Strengthen and improve the positioning of Aix-Marseille Université as a leading intensive research university, with the objective of reaching the top 100 research universities worldwide;
  • Develop and make more visible the most innovative and attractive education courses in the region, in particular through the creation of the Academie d'Excellence;
  • Promote a policy of valorizing the results of bold research, pushing the limits of partnership research and technology transfer, in line with the academic and economic potential of the Aix-Marseille site;
  • Propose an attractive human resources policy in order to attract and retain quality profiles, particularly with a view to renewing the scientific leaders;
  • Implement a process of scientific integration and mediation of the community, in particular by promoting the results and sharing knowledge with society;
  • Promote an interface between national policy and site policy, in particular by making actions consistent and projects converge in the establishment;
  • Implement a transversal approach to internationalisation with a twofold objective: to faster the Mediterranean identity and develop the international influence.

The achievement of these challenges requires the mobilization, beyond the actors of higher education and research, of all the living forces of the territory. Thus, the A*Midex foundation is also promoting innovative and ambitious synergies with local socio-economic and cultural actors. The foundation carries out numerous actions to benefit the university and raises funds to support the ambitions shared by all the players at the Aix-Marseille site. The donations received are used in particular to support the socio-economic dynamism of the region, through innovation and the high qualification of graduates, subjects that are inseparable from the dynamism of higher education and research. The foundation thus contributes to the prosperity and local, regional and international influence of Aix-Marseille. Cross-functional, these challenges pursue the same ambition to make the Aix-Marseille site a strong place for research and higher education at the international level.

At the national level, the IdExs are organised and intend, with the support of the CNRS and Inserm, to fully play their role as the driving force of higher education and research in France and Europe.