Call for projects "Support for innovation and pedagogical transformation of OCEAN-labeled training courses

The Institute for Ocean Sciences (OCEAN), within the framework of its missions, supports innovative transformative actions related to teaching at the Master, Master(e) and Doctorate levels, which will effectively address current challenges related to Ocean Sciences.

In this regard, OCEAN, on its AMIDEX endowment, is launching a call for funding to support TIGER actions of innovation and transformation of education that aim to strengthen and enable:

- the link between research and education
. - internationalization
- the link with socio-economic sectors
- interdisciplinarity

This OCEAN-specific funding can ultimately help Master's programs achieve TIGER labeling. Another parallel objective is to help strengthen links and collaboration between existing Masters programs (with a view to increasing interdisciplinarity), PhD programs and platforms attached to the institute. The call for proposals includes two separate but interrelated funding programs.

  • Program 1: Support for existing Master's degree tracks relevant to the thematic scope of OCEAN
  • .
  • Program 2: Support for the creation of new interdisciplinary training courses relevant to the thematic field of OCEAN

For full information on this call, please download the scoping text

Introduction to the call for projects

Target audience/Eligible applicants

This call for projects is open to all national "M" level degrees (Masters, engineering degrees or Mastere(e) attached to AMU's Ocean Sciences Institute. The proposed actions are also intended to benefit doctoral students in the doctoral schools attached to the Institute. It is proposed that Masters course leaders examine the opportunities useful for supporting their pedagogical project, in particular with regard to the new models for the start of the 2024 academic year (see section 3 for instructions). OCEAN will support the reinforcement and creation of explicit collaborations and gateways allowing the mutualization of courses between existing Master's courses in order to offer the possibility to students of a course to choose a set of UE from other courses with the objective of mutualization and/or interdisciplinarity. objective of mutualization and/or interdisciplinarity.

The UEs benefiting from OCEAN funding will have to be integrated into the new mock-up, mutualized with other OCEAN master's courses and opened to continuing education in order to ensure their long-term sustainability.

Internship stipends are not eligible under this call as OCEAN offers a specific call.

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