CAC - Academic Council

The full Academic Council shall be consulted or may express its wishes on the orientations of policies for training, research, the dissemination of scientific, technical and industrial culture and scientific and technical documentation, the qualification to be given to vacant or requested teaching and research positions, the application for accreditation mentioned in Article L. 613-1 and on the establishment contract. The Council shall propose to the Governing Board a multiannual master plan for disability policy covering all areas concerned by disability. After obtaining the opinion of the Technical Committee mentioned in Article L. 951-1-1 of this Code, this plan defines the objectives that the institution pursues in order to fulfil the obligation instituted by Article L. 323-2 of the Labour Code. It is consulted on all measures aimed at guaranteeing the exercise of academic freedom and students' trade union and political freedoms.

In training restricted to teacher-researchers, it is the competent body, mentioned in article L. 952-6 of the present code, for the examination of individual questions relating to the recruitment, assignment and career of teacher-researchers. It deliberates on the integration of civil servants from other bodies into the teaching-research corps and on the recruitment or renewal of temporary teaching and research attachés. When it examines in restricted training individual questions relating to teacher-researchers, other than university professors, it shall be composed of equal numbers of men and women and of equal numbers of representatives of university professors and other teacher-researchers, under conditions specified by decree.

The Academic Council brings together all the members of the Research Commission (40 members) and the Commission on Training and University Life (40 members), i.e. 80 members divided by colleges and subdivided into training sectors.


Academic Council