Arts and societies

The link between arts and sciences has always been at the heart of many projects within Aix-Marseille University, both in the human and social sciences and in the experimental sciences. Artists from all forms of creation and scientists from all disciplines have worked together and continue to do so today. At the crossroads of research and training, artistic creation and cultural practices, and the promotion and dissemination of knowledge, the ow mission is based on these experiences and is part of a cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective that aims to bring together the various sectors and researchers who work in this field on a daily basis. The diversity of projects, programmes and productions (see examples in the attachments) show that artists and scientists provide original keys to reading and understanding social, cultural and environmental phenomena, playing on the complementarity of their knowledge and skills. The attention paid to the artistic dimension of scientific productions and the attention paid to the scientific dimension of artistic productions are at the heart of innovative approaches and reinforce the interdisciplinary processes at work in research and knowledge production today. Thus, in the field of sound, image, matter, digital, but also on current themes or questions of society and health, artists and researchers work together to question the world around us.

At a time when university chairs are emerging, when associative networks are being structured, when degrees are being specifically created, Aix-Marseille University intends to highlight the richness and diversity of these initiatives that combine the arts and sciences, to promote them outside the academic world and to engage a collective dynamic around strategic issues: democratization and mediation issues to interest the community (researchers, teacher-researchers, students and staff of Aix-Marseille University), the public in their great diversity, in art & sciences; science issues; creation and innovation issues to encourage, develop and initiate original and experimental collaborations with artists; training and construction of an artistic and scientific culture for students by involving them in art & sciences; science projects.

The mission will favour experimental and innovative initiatives, the objective being to create mechanisms and meeting places (real and online) for fruitful exchanges between researchers, students, artists and social actors. The mission also aims to promote formats that favour the participative and collaborative dimension of actors and audiences, in connection with the territories. It will be deployed in collaboration with the Culture and Society Department, the Scientific Culture Unit, AMU Institutes, IMéRA and its Art, Science programme, the training faculties and doctoral schools, and student associations.

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Arts and societies