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Laurence Herault, Senior Lecturer, Institute of Mediterranean, European and Comparative Ethnology (Idemec)
Francesca Arena, Doctor of History, Associate Researcher at the Time, Space, Language, Southern Europe-Mediterranean Laboratory (Telemme)
Perrine Lachenal, Doctoral student in Anthropology, Institute of Mediterranean, European and Comparative Ethnology (Idemec)

Classes are open from the fifth grade onwards

Based on an accompanied and critical reading of the new SVT manuals, the workshop provides time for students to better understand and problematize the issue of gender difference/equality.
Thanks to pedagogical tools adapted to each age group, this workshop addresses the construction processes of the "male" and "female" categories and their related identities, through a journey through time and space.

Each workshop, after a common introduction, will be divided into two phases based on two scientific and disciplinary fields:

Gender history: Addressing gender from the beginning of history helps to contextualize the construction of hierarchy and the dichotomy between the sexes. Using iconographic, video and audio sources adapted to the age of the participants, an interactive work will be offered to familiarize them with the history of women and men.
Gender anthropology: How do you become a man or a woman? The first step will be to identify, using a corpus of images, the different actors involved in the socialization process. Subsequently, examples from anthropological work will lead the group to discuss the diversity of gender-related models and norms around the world.

Children's workshop (8-10 years old)
The issue of equality between girls and boys will be addressed through a playful exchange on differences and similarities. Manual activities (collective and cooperative realization) will allow each child to understand the diversity of his or her class group, as well as its richness.

College Workshop
Based on a corpus of images, both from SVT manuals and other media (including advertising and film), the issue of diversity and unity of human beings will be introduced and understood from a gender perspective.

High School Workshop
We will accompany young people to explore different SVT manuals, inviting them to problematize some of the terms used in them, such as "sexual identity", "gender identity", "sexual identity" and "biological sex".

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