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Who can be an apprentice?

Apprenticeship is aimed at young people aged 16 to 29 years old when the contract is signed

  • except for a few exceptions, 35 years of age
  • without age limit for some situations, in particular for people with RQTH

Regardless of the level of training, apprenticeship is open to

  • young people from the European Economic Area and Switzerland (principle of free movement of workers)
  • young people of other nationalities who hold a residence permit authorising them to work
  • young people holding a student residence permit (obtained after one year of initial training) who also have a temporary work permit (to be renewed every year) issued by the DIRECCTE (3 weeks)

Becoming an apprentice at AMU means :

  • Choosing a high-level diploma course, a path of excellence in terms of training and professional integration
  • Developing professional skills
  • Benefit from the social ladder
  • Having a personalized quality follow-up throughout the training by the Apprentice Master / Company Tutor and the University Tutor.
  • Study at the University while gaining initial professional experience.
  • Be financially independent,
  • To be totally exempt from all university registration fees
  • Apply the knowledge acquired at the University in the workplace and develop professional skills.
  • Benefit from the advantages of student status (CROUS, BU, discounts, etc.)

What is the status of an apprentice at the University?

Apprentice status: dual status: student and employee.

  • At the university, they have the status of an initial training student.
  • He/she is a full-time employee (35 hours) of the company and benefits from the same working conditions as those applicable to all employees (in particular in terms of OHS, holidays and time off, financial benefits: 13th month, TR, mutual insurance company, etc.)

The apprenticeship contract

  • Start date of the apprenticeship contract or period
  • Unless an exemption is granted under the conditions set out inarticle D. 6222-19 of the French Labour Code, the start of the apprenticeship within a company must take place no earlier than 3 months before and no later than 3 months after the start of the cycle of the training organisation in which the apprentice is registered.

All about the apprenticeship contract on the Ministry of Labour website.

What other assistance is available for apprentices?

  • For mobility,
  • Driving licence aid (500 euros)
  • Housing (access to FJTs, finding accommodation, moving house...)
  • Garantie visale: Guarantee granted by Action logement services to the tenant in case of default, to cover the payment of rent and rental charges for his or her main residence and any damage to the property.
  • Financial and food aid (contact the CAF, MDS, CCAS)
  • Transport: bus and train passes: Pass ZOU Études at 90€.
  • Aid for the first equipment for apprentices
  • The purchase of a computer or a tablet is eligible for aid for the first equipment for apprentices by the CFA.

Which training course?

The AMU training offer
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The apprentice's duties

  • Work for their employer
  • Respect the internal rules of the company and the training centre
  • Be assiduous during the training at the CFA (strict control is organised by the training centre). Any failure to attend classes is equivalent to an unjustified absence from the workplace. If repeated, these failures can lead to the termination of the apprenticeship contract. Attention: Always justify any absence to your employers and training managers.
  • Keep your apprenticeship booklet up to date and ensure that it is filled in and stamped regularly by the people concerned (teaching staff and apprenticeship supervisor).
  • Take the tests for the diploma mentioned in the apprenticeship contract
  • Answer the integration and satisfaction surveys once the training is over.

The rights of the apprentice

  • Within the university: Free registration fees at the university: Neither the apprentice nor the company has to pay registration fees at the university. Support from the university tutor: You are under the responsibility of a university tutor whom you must contact for any problems that may arise within the company.
  • Within the company:
    • Be paid each month, receive a pay slip. The apprentice's minimum salary changes according to his or her age and progress within the same apprenticeship training cycle. It can be higher than the legal minimum (the smic). Minimum gross monthly pay for an apprentice.
    • Benefit from paid holidays in the same way as any other employee of the company. The apprentice has the same holiday entitlements as the company's other employees (L223-2 and L223-3). For a one-year apprenticeship contract, the apprentice is entitled to 5 weeks of leave to be taken during the time spent in the company (2 and a half working days per month worked, to be taken as soon as the rights are opened). It should be noted that the apprentice and the company must agree bilaterally on the dates on which leave is to be taken.
    • Be registered with the social security system
    • The apprentice has the status of an employee as soon as the apprenticeship contract is signed: his or her social security cover under the general employee scheme is therefore covered by the company. The company sends the URSSAF the Single Declaration of Employment.
    • Registration from the first day of the contract with the Social Security of the apprentice's main place of residence. The apprentice must contact the CPAM closest to his or her place of residence in order to obtain the social security card (VITALE).
    • Social protection
    • During the time spent both at the CFA and in the company, the apprentice is covered by the social legislation applicable to employees: illness, accidents at work and maternity. It is up to the company to make any declaration.
    • Benefit from a trial period: The trial period is 45 effective days spent within the company, regardless of the work-study schedule.
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