AMU Green Barter

Illustration Troc Vert

In the spring, the Troc Vert[re]blooms from May 14 to 23, 2019 on 15 AMU sites!

What is the Green barter ?

  • Exchange plants, seeds, cuttings, knowledge, know-how and if you don't have the green thumb of culinary specialities....
  • Preserving biodiversity in urban areas
  • Browse and borrow biodiversity books on site through your campus BU
  • Meet passionate and exciting people
  • Share a moment of conviviality in our workplace or study

An eco-citizen and transversal action, coordinated by the Sustainable Development Department, led on each site by enthusiastic local teams, supported by DEPIL, DIRCOM, SCD, IMBE teacher-researchers and local partners.

A friendly and supportive meeting, based on the principle of bartering: "exchange without paying anything", allowing colleagues and students to share all kinds of plants (varieties of flowers, legumes, house plants, aromatic plants...).

Note the dates on your sites, prepare your cuttings, distribute, participate!

Aix-en Provence
ESPE Jules Isaac - Tuesday, May 14
FEG Jules Ferry - Tuesday, May 14
Schuman - Tuesday, May 21

University Center - Thursday, May 23rd

Colbert - Tuesday, May 14
Droit Canebière - Tuesday 14 May
ESPE Canebière - Tuesday May 14
Ilot Dubois - Tuesday, May 14
Sciences St Jérôme - Tuesday, May 14
St Charles - Thursday, May 16
Pharo - Friday, May 17
Luminy - Thursday, May 23rd
North - Thursday, May 23rd
Timone - Thursday 23 May
Château Gombert (Ecole Centrale) - Thursday May 23rd

Contact information

Sustainable Development Department
Marseille centre campus - Saint Charles site
3 place Victor Hugo - box n°28
13331 Marseille cedex 03

Brigitte Faye
Assistant and Project Coordinator
Tel: +33(0)4 13 55 55 05 20

sustainable development and social responsibility SD/RS
green barter