ALLSH - Faculty of Arts, Literature, Languages, Humanities

1. Presentation

The Faculty of Arts, Letters, Languages and Human Sciences (ALLSH), with twenty-six departments, offers a very wide range of training opportunities to acquire academic knowledge and professional skills with important and diversified opportunities. Dynamic, innovative, it is open to the international, cultural and societal world. The faculty is distinguished by the richness and quality of its training courses, backed by high-level fundamental research, evolving towards interdisciplinarity and meeting society's expectations.
Located on several teaching sites, Aix-en-Provence (Schuman Site), Marseille Saint-Charles (Espace Yves Mathieu) and Arles, the ALLSH faculty is a place of study, research, life and appropriation of knowledge, and is committed to supporting you throughout your university career.

The ALLSH faculty offers a wide range of multidisciplinary training courses:

  • 16 license mentions,
  • 4 professional licenses,
  • 1 DEUST,
  • 21 masters,
  • establishment diplomas,
  • Contest preparations: 12 aggregation preparations, 10 CAPES preparations (in partnership with ESPE),
  • 30 modern languages taught,
  • a Centre for Guided Language Training and Self-Training (remediation, consolidation and deepening of classroom teaching, preparation of language certifications, support for international mobility projects
  • 242 international agreements in Europe and worldwide, more than 2000 students abroad
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