Collaboration between Total and CEREGE within the CARB3e chair

Chaire industrielle « Carb3e : Carbonate geosciences : energy, environment, education » coordonnée par le professeur Jean BORGOMANO – CEREGE - et l’entreprise TOTAL

CEREGE and the company TOTAL are developing an industrial chair aimed at identifying and developing technological and scientific exchanges between petroleum geosciences and environmental geosciences.

"Carb3e: Carbonate geosciences: energy, environment, education" industrial chair is coordinated by CEREGE (European Center for Research and Teaching of Environmental Geosciences) represented by Jean BORGOMANO, professor of geology - sedimentology, in partnership with the company TOTAL.

This chair will enable :

- Setting up international geoscience research and training programs to improve understanding of carbonate systems and reservoirs in the context of energy transition and global climate change.
- Develop new concepts and models to improve hydrocarbon exploration and production, geothermal exploitation, storage (CO2, energy, contaminants, ...), water resource management in carbonate reservoirs.
- Develop technological and scientific exchanges between petroleum geosciences and environmental geosciences in the field of carbonate reservoirs.
- Create innovative international Master's level courses in carbonate geosciences, resources and sustainable development.
- Recruit 2 PhD students, 5 Master's interns and organize a summer school.

The 3-year project (2018-2021) has received €276,000 in support from the A*Midex foundation (as part of the industrial chair program) and €456,200 in co-financing from TOTAL. The total budget for the project is €1,199,200.


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