Presentation of the industrial chair « Carb3e : Carbonate geosciences : energy, environment, education » coordinated by professor Jean BORGOMANO (CEREGE) and TOTAL SA.

Chaire industrielle « Carb3e : Carbonate geosciences : energy, environment, education » coordonnée par le professeur Jean BORGOMANO – CEREGE - et l’entreprise TOTAL

The aim of this chair is to understand and predict carbonate reservoirs in the context of the energy transition and global changes

In support of the site policy aimed at increasing the transfer of research results from laboratories to industry and society, A*Midex foundation implements the "industrial Chair" scheme which encourages the creation of bilateral partnerships between research establishments and companies. This action aims to encourage the co-construction and implementation of research, training and innovation programmes, by targeting one or more priority issues for the partners of the Chair, with a view to the industrial partner's valorization of the results.

In this context, the industrial chair "Carb3e: Carbonate geosciences: energy, environment, education" coordinated by Jean BORGOMANO, professor of geology - sedimentology at the European Centre for Research and Teaching of Environmental Geosciences (CEREGE), in partnership with the company TOTAL, has received the support of the A*Midex Steering Committee.

This 3-year project received €276,000 in support from A*Midex Foundation, for a total budget of €1,199,200, and co-financing from TOTAL of €456,200.


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