Neurostories 2nd edition 100% online " Emotionally Yours " November 23rd


Neurostories - 2nd edition " Emotionally Yours " A scientific and philosophical tale, in five acts, about emotions, the unresolved companions of our reason.
100% online appointment on November 23rd from 6pm to 7:30pm.
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Presentation and moderation: Elodie Giorla, post doctoral student in neurosciences, and Neuronautes association (student association in Neurosciences of Aix-Marseille Université).
How to make the most innovative neuroscientific discoveries accessible to the general public? For the 2nd consecutive year, the NeuroMarseille Institute popularizes its research work during the event "Neurostories" around the theme of emotions.
In collaboration with the association Neuronautes, five scientists in stand-up will reveal their secrets on language and emotions studied in humans, animals and robots.
After these presentations of 10 minutes each, there will be free live exchanges between the researchers and the Internet audience.


  1. At the source of our emotions - Jean-Baptiste Pavani | Senior Lecturer in Differential Psychology, Centre PsyCLÉ : research centre in the psychology of knowledge, language and emotion (AMU)
  2. Animal, what are your emotions? - Marie Montant | Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology Laboratory (AMU)
  3. Search engine robot: You love me too! - Thierry Chaminade | CNRS Researcher Biography, Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone (AMU)
  4. Emotions, are you there? - Vincent Bréjard | Lecturer HDR in Clinical Psychopathology, Clinical Psychologist | Laboratory of Clinical Psychology, Psychopathology and Psychoanalysis (AMU)
  5. Winning through emotional intelligence - Guillaume Martinent | Lecturer at Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 Laboratory on Vulnerabilities and Innovation in Sport (L-VIS)

For reasons of unavailability, Marie Montant will not be present live. Her text will be read by Laure Tosatto (Psychologist specialized in neuropsychology and doctoral student in cognitive psychology, Cognitive Psychology Laboratory).

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The recordings of the stand-ups were made in compliance with the barrier gestures and health measures in force.

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