Making Marseille one of the world's strong points for MRI antennas

Siemens Vida 3T Crmbm-Cemerem UMR CNRS 7339

This is the objective of the industrial chair held by the Institut Fresnel in partnership with the CRMBM-CEMEREM and the company Multiwave Imaging, which has just obtained the support of the A*Midex foundation.

With a 3-year duration (2021-2023), the industrial chair aims in particular to develop medical imaging systems in the context of health and the evaluation of sports performance. 

It should thus make it possible to combine the strengths of academic and industrial partners around a common objective: 

  • The Institut Fresnel brings its expertise in the field of metamaterials, for radiofrequency waves or in optics.
  • The French company Multiwave Imaging brings its expertise in the design of solutions and their industrialisation, including obtaining authorisations from the French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM). 
  • The CRMBM-CEMEREM brings its expertise in the field of method development, MRI and SRM applications and in the precise identification of needs in the application domains

The project has received financial support from the A*Midex foundation to the tune of €576,500 as part of the "Industrial Chair" scheme. The company Multiwave Imaging is contributing €668,047 to the implementation of the project. The total budget for the project is €1,371,363.


* photo credit : Siemens Vida 3T Crmbm-Cemerem UMR CNRS 7339

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