Discover the new winners of the A*Midex calls for projects - May 2024

In May 2024, A*Midex will have approved 10 projects on the Aix-Marseille site: 5 projects to internationalize training and create foreign-language curricula, and 5 new Chairs of Excellence welcoming talented researchers and teacher-researchers from all over Europe to the site.


Multilingualism 2024: to create foreign-language curricula
> 5 new accredited projects


Lanced in july 2023 Funding: €500,000 Project selection and launch: May/June 2024

The aim of the call for projects is to promote students' command of languages, facilitate and increase the potential for hosting foreign students on site, and foster international collaborations.
The call will enable teaching teams to deliver their training in foreign languages to meet the growing demand for internationalization of curricula.

  • IDEALearn - Ramping up the IDEAL master's program 
    A project led by Nathalie Ferriere - IEP-Sciences Po Aix > M2 International Expertise - IDEAL option
  • MATE - Materials Engineering - 4th year Engineering School from French to English en Master 
    A project led by Tomasso Nicolini - Polytech Marseilles > Materials Engineering Cycle
  • DIGICOMM International Option - Master in Digital Information and Communication of Organisations and Media (International Option)
    A project led by David Goldie - EJCAM -Marseille > Master in Communication of Organisations, Information, Media and Digital Media
  • IntIM-AMU - INTernational Immunology Master - Aix-Marseille University
    A project led by Béatrice Nal-Rogier - Faculty of Science > M2 Immuno : Master in Immunology 
  • IPEM - International Program in Economics and Management
    A project led by Alain Paraponaris - Faculty of Economics and Management > Bachelor's degree in Economics and Management 

Chairs of excellence : for recruiting and retaining talent
> 5 new accredited projects

Launched in June 2023 Start-up: from June 2024

Through this program, A*Midex aims to recruit and foster the academic careers of internationally-renowned teachers, lecturers and researchers, on structuring projects contributing to the strategy of the Aix-Marseille site. 

  • CHANCEL Marie for the project : Unraveling the complexity of self-body perception | Behavior, modeling, & neuroimaging
  • Azoulay Ariella Aïsha for the project : More than Plundered Objects - Communal Remains of the Jewish 
  • Rodgers Dennis William for the project : Rethinking Urban Violence 
  • Ilker Efe for the project : Statistical physics of metabolism, morphogenesis, evolution, and control in biological systems
  • Daniel Michilli for project : FLAME (Fast radio burst Lensing as an Astrophysical Measurement Experiment)
Call for projects