Off Campus Festival 2022

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In May, do whatever you want! The university year is coming to an end, the exams are almost over, so it's time to party and have fun: time for the OFF, for campus life in OFF, for the OFF Campus Festival!

It's a first! On May 12th, the first edition of the OFF Festival of the Campus will be held! Postponed for 2 years, because of the health crisis, we are pleased to announce that it will be held this year.

Thursday, May 12, 2022 from 4pm to 9pm
Esplanade du Cube - Schuman Campus
29, av. Robert Schuman - Aix-en-Provence
Open to all

The OFF of the campus welcomes all the creations of university amateur live shows as well as artistic exhibitions. It aims to federate and highlight the creations of Aix-Marseille University students, and is open to all artistic genres (street arts, visual arts, musical comedy, dance, music, reading, mime, theater, etc.),
music, reading, mime, theater, cinema ...), in a festive and friendly spirit. To encourage creation and culture, the steering committee of this Festival wished, beyond its organization, to reserve a part of the CVEC funds to the participants, by awarding them prizes for a total amount of 2 500 euros.
The redistribution of these CVEC funds is always done for the benefit of students, in a participative synergy between faculties and components, in favor of campus life.
The components of the Aix campus that participate in this program are ALLSH - CFMI - FDSP -

We are very happy that the students have responded to the organization of this festival and hope that they will enjoy it as much as spectators on May 12.

Find out more about the twenty or so artistic proposals planned for that day:

Off Campus Festival 2022
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