Call for applications for a postdoctoral contract: "Foresight in the humanities and social sciences: socio-environmental risks and land-use planning in the Mediterranean

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Within the framework of the interdisciplinary research project funded by the A*MIDEX foundation, PROTEUS - "PROspective interdisciplinary thinking on TErritorial USes and risk anticipation in the Mediterranean" - the MESOPOLHIS laboratory and the Institute for Changing Societies in the Mediterranean (SoMuM) are recruiting a postdoctoral researcher for an 18-month contract, starting in February 2023.

Presentation of the research project

In a context of increasing crises that our societies are facing and will face in the future, it is becoming urgent for the Human and Social Sciences (HSS) to take up the study of the future of societies and to collaborate with other disciplines on foresight and risk anticipation. However, the Humanities and Social Sciences are often not involved in this field, and interdisciplinary collaborations are rare. The objective of the PROTEUS project - "PROspective interdisciplinary thinking on TErritorial USes and risk anticipation in the Mediterranean" - is to fill this gap and to create the conditions for a dynamic interdisciplinary research on the anticipation of changes and risks in the Mediterranean. The project is based on the composition of a recent multidisciplinary group of researchers and doctoral students in the humanities and social sciences (economists, demographers, geographers, historians, lawyers, philosophers, politicians and sociologists), in collaboration with researchers in management and environmental sciences (ecologists) and experts in foresight. The objectives of the project are: I) to build conceptual and methodological analysis grids to study the futures of societies; II) to launch two interdisciplinary pilot investigations based on the identification of major issues for the future of the Mediterranean basin: maritime planning and the fight against megafires; III) to train in Human and Social Sciences in the exercise of foresight work mixing new disciplinary and methodological approaches.

Application deadline: January 2, 2023
Applications should be sent to: adrien.chateaureynaud[at] and stephanie.meiranesio[at]

Candidates will be pre-selected and will participate in an interview by videoconference on Friday January 6, 2023

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