A*Midex meeting "Interdisciplinarity at the test of collaborations between artists and scientists": summary available

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Organised as part of the cycle "Doing and saying science differently", this meeting was held at the Frac Paca on 13 December 2019. This is a continuation of the two previous editions devoted to interdisciplinarity as a scientific approach and, like the latter, provides an opportunity to test out scientific avenues for future calls for "Interdisciplinarity" projects.

95 people gathered on this occasion, demonstrating the keen interest in this topic within the site's scientific community. This is also evidenced by the great diversity of the profiles of the participants, both in terms of disciplines (about 22 laboratories), services and other components of the university and in terms of generations and institutional structures outside the site. This was in line with the ambition of the programme of this workshop day: to glimpse the diversity of possible collaborations in the so-called "art and science" field.