Research at NeuroMarseille

Research is carried out by more than 600 people working in 75 research teams, grouped in 10 laboratories/institutes.

NeuroMarseille : academic research...

The research conducted at NeuroMarseille is based on three main characteristics:

  • its excellence through numerous regional, national and international collaborations.
  • close links with clinical units and translational research, in particular thanks to the Marseille University Hospital, ranked 3rd in Europe.
  • a rich and efficient interdisciplinary environment, and strong links with world-renowned laboratories and institutes (physics, computer science, mathematics, immunology, etc.).

Neuroscience research in Marseille is organized around four axes:

Schéma en anglais présentant les 4 axes de recherche majeurs menées à NeuroMarseille
Pascale Durbec

...clinical and private partnerships.

The federation of fundamental and clinical research units in neuroscience has created a University Hospital Network in the field of epilepsy (EpiNext) and a University Hospital Federation (FHU) in the field of neurodegenerative diseases (DHUNE).

NeuroMarseille is also developing a network of partnerships with private companies specialized in R&D.

Find out more about neuroscience research on the dedicated page of the NeuroMarseille website. 

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